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About Gearsupply™

The fastest, safest, and most affordable way to buy and sell gear online.

Gearsupply™ is the industry-leading online marketplace for buying and selling used AV equipment. Our mission is to provide sellers with maximum exposure across the internet and provide buyers with the most comprehensive inventory of listings available. By focusing on customer service, a safe and quick payment process, and reliable shipping partners, we strive to provide the best online marketplace experienceall while keeping our fees the lowest in the industry!


Gearsupply, as well as its sister company Soundsupply™, was founded by Mendel Rosenberg. After spending time in the concert production industry, Mendel realized that rapid advances in technology were leaving AV rental companies with huge amounts of obsolete gear. So, he teamed together with some of the largest manufacturers and AV integrators in the US to establish a trade-in program for these rental companiesallowing a seamless way for buyers to swap their old gear for a discount on brand-new gear. Then, realizing that there were no easy, affordable, 21st-century ways for AV professionals to sell their less-used equipment, he decided to start Gearsupply.

Gearsupply provides sellers with maximum exposure to buyers in our industry through cross-platform marketing through Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and more and through search engine optimization. Plus, our Gearpromise™ guarantee ensures industry-leading payment security and fraud avoidance, high-quality shipment standards with only trusted providers, and expert technician-led customer service for both buyers and sellers.