Want to learn about what the best speakers for church are? Well, when shopping for church speakers, you have to consider the type and size, among other factors. The quality of speakers has a lot to do with how the gospel and the praise worship music feel to every churchgoer. You want speakers that will project good coverage in church and elevate the worshiping experience.

In this blog post, we’ll share the best church speakers and factors to consider when choosing them.

Let’s take a look at our suggestions for best church speakers in 2022!

Top Church Speakers

We considered quality, installation methods, and budget when choosing these speakers.

Here are our top picks.


1. EAW JF260Z Loudspeaker

We decided to start our list with something every church can afford. The EAW JF260Z Loudspeaker is more of an old-school speaker, but it doesn’t make it any less effective.

This speaker provides high output and a low distortion sound for all pro audio applications. It also has a 12-inch woofer and a 1.4-in exit/3-in voice coil HF compression driver. These features give the loudspeaker the power and ability it needs for excellent performance, whether it’s permanently installed or portable mode.

Unfortunately, these speakers aren’t compatible with technological gadgets such as smartphones or PCS. For example, they might not have Bluetooth applications.

That being said, they’re very easy to operate, and they’re very loud. Also, they’re very cheap, which more than makes up for the drawbacks.


  • They are very cheap
  • They’re designed to serve even in difficult environments
  • They’re easy to install and setup


  • They can be a little bulky
  • They’re bot compatible with tech devices



2. Meyer Sound Lyon Line Array

The Meyer Sound Lyon line array is a member of the LEO family, and like any of their products, it’s not an exception. They use the same technology, so it’s basically the LEO speaker in a smaller and more portable house.

It’s versatile, and its performance is excellent. The speakers’ high frequencies are smooth, and you’ll also be impressed by its snares, vocal range, toms, snares, and guitar tone.

The sound system is available in different sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you, depending on your church size—the LYON-WXT for wide-area coverage, LYON-W for medium coverage, and LYON-M for primary coverage.

For best results, we recommend integrating the Meyer Sound Lyon with Meyer Sound 1100-LFC 18″ Subwoofer and VLFC low-frequency control elements for quality bass production. And Meyer Sound LEO-M line array for optimum sound performance.


  • Delivers high peak power output
  • Available in different sizes
  • The setup is oversimplified
  • It integrates seamlessly with 1100-LFC and VLFC low frequency and Meyer Sound LEO-M line array


  • It’s very pricey


3. JBL VTX S28 Subwoofer

This is another budget-friendly option for churches that don’t want to compromise on quality. One of the greatest features of the JBL VTX S28 Subwoofer is that they can be ground-staked or suspended for improved rear projection. When suspended at the top of V25 arrays, the speaker has an excellent vertical pattern rejection, and rear rejection when used in cardioid mode.

The speakers have two 2269H 18″ transducers featuring Differential Drive technology with a high peak-to-peak excursion, two neodymium magnets, and two neodymium magnets. Thanks to this design, the speaker offers a low-frequency performance.


  • It’s compatible with V25, which really enhances its performance.
  • A reverse-cardioid Arrayable
  • It offers a low-frequency performance


  • Its performance isn’t as smooth as Meyer Sound Lyon-w, especially for a large audience.


4. L-Acoustics V-DOSC Line Array

This is an excellent option for churches looking for something modern and unique to elevate their worshiping experiences. The L-Acoustics V-DOSC line array has definitely made a name for themselves, thanks to their excellent sonic for large-scale performances.

This speaker comes with very straightforward instructions, and the installation process is very simple. It’s also the first full frequency line that employs the principles of Wavefront Sculpture Technology.

The connection is made through two parallel 8-pin connectors, and all the components are weather-resistant so that you can hold your crusades anywhere.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Excellent for large scale audiences
  • Easy installation process


  • The V-DOSC only sounds good when correctly set, which some people find challenging.


5. EV EKX-12P 12″ Loudspeaker

The EV EKX-12P 12″ Loudspeaker is the same as EAW JF260Z Loudspeaker, but it’s a bit advanced in that it’s compatible with Bluetooth. It also has other smart features, including back-panel clip indicators, onboard DSP with EQ and placement presets, and auto-limiting. The latter protects your speakers and amp against overloads.

These speakers are portable, so transporting them won’t be a problem even if you’re using rented space. They’re also easy to set up -all you need to do is plug in your mic, mixer, or any other instrument, and voila! They’re activated.

You can sweeten the experience by utilizing the built-in application mode presets and adjusting the treble and bass. It’s even possible to optimize your speakers for music or bible reading.


  • The speaker is easy to install
  • It’s portable
  • You can optimize it for bible reading or worship songs


  • They’re a bit chunky compared to the contemporary speakers


Wrapping Up

The right speakers for a church depend on certain factors. Some of them include:

  • Portability and installation. This depends on the church location. If you rent a space, you need portable and easy to install speakers.
  • The church structure. You need speakers that match the shape of the church so that it projects sound away from the ceilings and to the audience.
  • Style of worship. A church that uses traditional instruments will have different requirements from one that uses contemporary devices.
  • Budget. This is the first factor you should consider before you even decide to buy a speaker. Ask yourself how much you’re willing to part with.

We hope you learned a thing or two from our mini-review on the best speakers for church settings. If you still need some help setting up your church sound system, check out this article that we’ve found helpful.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section.



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  1. It’s definitely time to replace our speakers at the church. The current sound system makes every speaker incomprehensible and hard to understand. Thanks for these suggestions

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