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Get great deals on Meyer Sound audio gear on Meyer Sound was founded in 1979 to create the best sonic experiences possible, built on scientific innovation and quality engineering. At the heart is a passion for quality, ensuring that every paper cone, circuit board, and driver is handcrafted to meet our extremely demanding standard.

Meyer Sound is at the origin of numerous major audio innovations leading to more than 100 patents and a staggering list of industry and engineering awards, including the prestigious R&D 100 Award. Our team of scientists, acoustic and audio engineers, designers, technicians—together with a production crew that takes pride in their exacting hand assembly—all work together to deliver the premium products that set Meyer Sound apart.

When John and Helen Meyer founded Meyer Sound over forty years ago, they set out to create an environment that cares about their work, communities, and each other. Headquartered in Berkeley, California, and with operations globally, Meyer Sound believes in embracing diversity, equity, and inclusivity, in following sustainable manufacturing practices, and in supporting the arts both in our local community and around the world.

Innovation is at the heart of all Meyer Sound does. Our full package of system design and validation tools, training, and support, all make exceptional listening experiences easier to achieve. Whether providing a solution for a corporate theater, global concert tour, house of worship, or wide range of other applications, Meyer Sound delivers the ultimate sonic experience.

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