What is Gearpromise™?

Gearpromise™ is our way of ensuring that buyers and sellers enjoy a safe, fast, affordable, and streamlined experience on Gearsupply.

With Gearpromise™, you can expect:

easy safe transportation shipping
Hassle-Free Shipping

Using our certified shipping process, we ensure that your gear is transported 100% securely every step of the way.

secure payment processing
Secure Payment Processing

Our partnership with ensures a fraud-free marketplace and an unbiased, airtight payment process.

customer service
Real Customer Service

We take care of any and all disputes from start to finish. Our GearGuru™ service is also always available to answer questions about specific equipment.

verified certified vendor
Verified Sellers

With verified sellers, buyers can relax knowing that they’re shopping from a trustworthy source. You’ll get what you expect, 100% of the time.

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Gearpromise™ for Buyers

All Gearpromise-certified listings purchased directly through Gearsupply qualify for our 48-Hour Gearpromise Guarantee. If you report any issues within 48 hours of receiving your order, Gearsupply’s expert customer service will step in and ensure they are resolved.

(In order to qualify, the entire purchase including payment and communication must be done using our platform.)

How the 48-Hour Gearpromise Guarantee works
  1. If there is an issue with your order, you reach out to us within 48 hours. You’ll submit pictures of any damage as well as estimated repair costs.
  2. Gearsupply will review the transaction and attempt to contact the seller to resolve the issue, as per Gearsupply’s policy.
  3. If we cannot reach a resolution with the seller, Gearsupply will walk you through the dispute process start to finish. We will ensure the dispute process is resolved and that you are refunded for your purchase (if justified).

Gearpromise™ for Sellers

For verified sellers with listings in compliance with Gearpromise, we guarantee a safe and secure sales process.

We are aware of the realities of selling equipment online. That’s why we teamed up with to ensure a fraud-free, 100% secure selling experience with fees are as low as 0.0026%. Plus, by using our preferred shipping partners, your gear will get to the buyer as quickly and safely as possible.

How to Qualify for Gearpromise
  • Once you are a verified seller, your item can qualify for Gearpromise. Become verified today.
  • Payments must be processed through to be eligible.
  • Before shipment, you must photograph your gear both in its packaging and also loaded on the truck.
  • Your gear must be shipped using a Gearsupply-preferred shipping partner, and you must provide a shipping receipt or signed bill of lading confirming all of the details in the shipment.
  • In the event of a dispute, if you make reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute with the buyer, your account will remain in good standing.
  • Non-responsive sellers are subject to account suspension.