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Designing the Sound System for Your Church

Designing the Sound System for Your Church

It's important to have clear audio solutions that sound loud and clear in your house of worship. The best part about filling the church building full of dynamic sound means that you're able to spread the word loudly and proudly.

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Sound systems for churches matter. When it comes to finding the best church sound systems, there are options! It’s important to have clear audio solutions that sound loud and clear in your house of worship. The best part about filling the church building full of dynamic sound means that you’re able to spread the word loudly and proudly.

It’s no secret that every church facility is set up totally unique and different. Some have church gyms, some have church cafeterias, and some have a church structure which means that the audio just may not travel as well as other locations.

Before running out and dropping thousands of dollars, pull back the reigns on your anticipated budget so that you can find a complete solution for your sound system needs. The average cost of sound systems may be expensive, but there are great benefits to making the investment.

What do you need for a church sound system?

Not all houses of worship are going to have the same needs, so that’s the first thing to understand. If you’re looking for just adding sound to your worship service, you don’t have to go quite as big. Larger churches will have a need for bigger audio systems, and some of the technology solutions and needs are in the bulleted list below.

  • Speakers
  • Microphones/Wireless microphones
  • Cables
  • Headphones
  • Video mixer
  • Pair of speaker stands
  • Ceiling speakers
  • Column speakers
  • Video equipment

And these are just a few items to add to the worship space and equipment list.

How many watts should a church speaker be?

Having great speakers is a critical piece to a sound system. Great speakers are needed for great sound quality and can be the one piece of equipment that can make or break the sound system.

It’s been said that for every one person, you need one watt of sound for indoor sound.

What is a portable church sound system?

It’s just as it sounds. It’s a system that can be moved from one area to the next and even transported to outdoor use as well.

This means that permanent installation isn’t happening so that it’s able to move as needed. It’s typically smaller in size than other digital consoles as well.

Why have a sound system at church?

It really comes down to the needs of the church congregation. An ideal solution for creating a worship style that all can hear is to have great audio quality. Modern technology has come a long way to allow for modern church sound system options that won’t break the bank.

Church audio equipment is important to use during church presentations and church services.

Who runs the sound system at church?

It all just depends on who you want to run it. If you have a worship team, find out if someone has experience with sound systems. A tech team is always a good option as well. If the current tech leaves, try and recruit someone who has experience to work as a sound tech. (If you can find someone who has lighting control experience or experience in console operation, that would be great!)

Anyone who has any type of skill level can help with the sound system. A church leader is also someone who can take control of the sound system in the church facility.

Sometimes the church committee will need to look into the church insurance policies to verify that they have adequate coverage when added in equipment and electrical additions.

Is there a way to create a sound system so that it flows with the aesthetic of the church?

Being in the design phase to add a sound system to the design stage is really a lot of fun. The design development phase is a great way to create a custom design so that the overall look of the church flows well with the modern church sound system.

The last thing that you want to have happen is to have your wireless systems not jiving well with the rest of the church. You need to make sure that you’re looking at all the sight lines so that you know what everyone is able to see.

The aspects of design don’t have to be difficult or complicated but having conceptual designs is key. If you have the ability to create a custom solution, you have the ability to have an excellent sound system without having it look out of place.

What is the perfect church sound system?

Great question! The following options are perfect to consider when choosing the best options. To have the best worship experience possible, check out the wide variety of options listed below.

Meyer Sound UPA-2P Loudspeaker

This loudspeaker is perfect for events that are live. Easy to install with super high sound quality. What people love about this loudspeaker is that it’s user-friendly and is easy to move and transport.

Having a loudspeaker of this quality is great for having an excellent sound quality that will be able to fill church auditoriums with amazing sounds.

Meyer Sound UPM-1P Loudspeaker

When you’re looking for a great sound system design, this loudspeaker is one of the best. You can mount this so that it fits to look like a custom design in any place that you want.

What works best for this budget level loudspeakers is using it in smaller or medium size areas. This would be great for an audio output in church classrooms and more.

Meyer Sound UPQ-2P Loudspeaker

When it comes to great options, this loudspeaker is one of the best. You’ll find that this award-winning option is a great solution for mid-sized rooms and areas and can be a perfect solution for poor acoustics.

JBL VT4882DP Subwoofer

Once you find options for audio inputs and outputs, you need to be sure that you have a way to have reinforcement for all the sounds. This subwoofer is great for live applications and gives amazing audio output.

L-Acoustics 5XT Loudspeaker

Not only will you get smooth tones from this loudspeaker, but it will look great as well. Pair this with the church video systems and let the positive comments from the church congregation roll in.

This is great for music, live conferences, and more.

 How do you set a sound system budget?

This is where you have to weigh out the pros and cons of what you need for your sound system. You can take all the design recommendations that you want, but the last thing that you need is to have budget issues.

Make sure that you have the key pieces in place when you’re trying to make decisions about acoustics, as you can always add more later.

Having the major sound pieces in place can create a budget without scope that you can always increase as needed.

You do need to have some cost guidelines in place when it comes to figuring out a budget. From the wireless microphone systems to the aesthetic considerations, the price of having a sound system installed can be quite pricy. (and let’s not forget the electrical considerations as well!)

What are the signs that our current sound system isn’t working?

If you’re having issues with equipment feedback, this could be a big indicator that what you have currently is not working. (Don’t make an excuse for feedback – find a way to fix it instead!)

Once you get accurate cost estimates, it’s time to pull out that cost calculator and see what you can afford. You may find that a sound system installation project can be a much more affordable process than you think. And if it’s not, you can research other options for affordable consoles for churches so that you can have the best sound quality possible.

It’s no surprise that churches want a better sound system than the local bowling alley, but getting there is going to take a bit of patience and research. Use the following tips and equipment options above to find out the best choices for your church.

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