Check out this Front of House Magazine article about how Gearsupply is revolutionizing the AV marketplace to make buying and selling gear easier and more affordable for everyone. For anyone from the independent professional to the manufacturer, venue, or A-level production company, we make buying and selling equipment a pain-free process.

A New Way of Buying/Selling Used AV Gear

CINCINNATI, OH — Gearsupply, an online marketplace promising to serve as an easy, safe and effective way to buy and sell used production gear, launched in late June.

“Gearsupply is the 21st-century solution to selling used gear,” said company founder Mendel Rosenberg. “This marketplace was created because of the lack of easy ways to sell excess inventory of AV gear. Historically, those who were brave enough to sell gear on their own faced difficulties handling the cumbersome logistics process, navigating all the relevant tax/customs compliance laws (especially when selling across state borders) and ensuring the payments were processed fast and safely — i.e., without fraud or chargebacks. Selling with brokers wasn’t any better, with most brokers taking as much as 15 percent commissions, offering very little transparency, and with payment terms stretching as long as 30 days. Hence the need for us to create Gearsupply.”

Rosenberg is also the founder of Soundsupply, a used AV gear resale company. Ever wonder where all those used consoles, amplifiers and other gear items end up when manufacturers do trade-ins and buyback promotions? The answer, for many, is Soundsupply, said to be the largest purchaser of used production equipment in North America.


“I realized that production rental companies were ending up with large amounts of gear that was becoming obsolete due to rapid technology advances in the industry,” Rosenberg noted. “Together with some of the largest manufacturers as well as AV integrators, we established the industry’s first trade-in program, allowing a seamless way for buyers to trade in their used gear towards new gear.”

The Gearsupply platform promises to maximize exposure for sellers’ listings while providing buyers with the most comprehensive inventory of used AV gear in the industry. Along with its focus on customer service and use of the latest technology, Gearsupply offers a safe payment process, direct communication between buyers and sellers and hassle-free shipping. The platform will also feature seller-branded stores that can integrate into their company’s webpage — all at a commission rate of 5.9 percent.

Using Soundsupply’s relationships as the go-to for “bulk asset disposition” for PRG, Solotech, PSAV, 3G and Clearwing (to name a few), Gearsupply’s B2B solution leverages those companies’ sizable scale to establish a large catalog of inventory very quickly.

By optimizing its use of SEO and online ads, Gearsupply can further enhance internet exposure for seller gear listings, which are marketed across platforms such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram, among others. Listings can also become eligible for “GearPromise,” which is essentially a guarantee from Gearsupply that all transactions arrive as described, or else Gearsupply takes on the responsibility to resolve the transaction.

“With our vast experience in selling used gear, we have a very strong understanding of how to avoid issues in transactions,” Rosenberg said. “Therefore we are confident to guarantee all transactions as long as the listing/seller follows the ‘GearPromise’ requirements. We have also partnered with some great companies to allow for seamless shipping and simple payment processing — including tax and customs compliance.”

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By: FOH Staff — July 7, 2020


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