There are two ways to sell gear on Gearsupply, depending on the type of user you are. You can:

  1. List as a verified vendor. If you’re a company that will frequently use Gearsupply, you should become a Gearpromise-verified vendor. When customers see that you’re a verified vendor, they’ll know that you follow Gearsupply’s quality standards and that you’re a trustworthy source to buy from.
  2. Sell directly to us. Don’t want to wait for someone else to buy your gear? You can sell it directly to our sister company Soundsupply. Click here to learn more.

Gearpromise is our way of guaranteeing that both buyers and sellers have an excellent experience on Gearsupply.

As part of Gearpromise, we ensure that sellers meet or exceed our quality standards on payment processing, shipping, and more, and we allow them to earn a “verified” status so customers know they’re a trustworthy source. Plus, Gearpromise tells buyers that, should any dispute arise during the purchasing process, Gearsupply’s expert customer-service staff will take care of it start to finish.

Click here to learn more about Gearpromise.

Gearpromise-verified vendors are frequent sellers who follow the quality standards outlined in our Gearpromise guarantee. These standards cover payment processing, shipping, and other practices to ensure that both you and Gearsupply customers have a fast, secure, and first-rate experience on our platform.

You can read more about Gearpromise’s standards for sellers here.

Gearsupply’s expert technicians are happy to offer equipment appraisals so you know the exact price to list your gear on our marketplace. Our appraisals are 100% free and fair to ensure that you maximize your earnings and guarantee a sale.

Call us for a FREE estimate on your gear: 1(800) USED-AV-0

Yes, sellers are required to use a photo of the exact item they’re selling. So, what you see is what you get!



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