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SOLOTECH RGB Chameleon Starcloth 30'H x 15'L


30’H x 15’W Black IFR RGB LED Starcloth

The same features as ShowLED Classic but with RGB LEDs to give you vibrant colours.With its simple menu structure and LCD display, the controller is programmable at a glance. Choose from colour changes, twinkling effects, and chases, offering the full colour spectrum. Chameleon components can also be integrated into any fabric or surface.A Chameleon starcloth is easily DMX controlled. It has 8 output channels with a maximum of 256 LEDs per controller. Given the standard density of around 5.5 LEDs per sqm (randomly placed), one controller can run a starcloth surface of up to 100 sqm. By linking several controllers together in master-slave configuration, multiple panels can be linked. The price shown is for the black colour. 

Includes: Cabling, Suitcase

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