Our Mission Vision Story

Imagine if your amplifier fried and you needed a replacement ASAP—but the only place you could get one affordably was essentially some shady back-alley Craigslist handoff.

Or imagine if you needed to sell one system to buy a newer one, and the only buyer you had was halfway around the world and would only pay via Western Union. Or was some broker who wanted to pay 50% of asking and never called you back.

These are real stories from the world before Gearsupply.

When Gearsupply arrived on the scene in 2017, we brought something new to the AV industry. We brought a trustworthy way to sell or source preowned equipment, all with a personal touch.

“A trustworthy way to sell or source preowned equipment, all with a personal touch.”

When they need to save money on their next system, or buy a backup amp, thousands of local & regional production companies call one of our Gearsupply GearGurus for the latest deals.

When a rental company wants to upgrade a rig, they call us to chat about our trade-in program—the only one in the industry—where we’ll buy your old system in exchange for credit with your manufacturer of choice (JBL, L-Acoustics, Absen, etc. to name a few).

You don’t need to imagine this world. It’s the (better) world we’re in now.

In 2020, we continued our pursuit of democratizing the used AV market by launching Gearsupply.com: the first true marketplace for the AV industry, where buyers and sellers are free to chat with each other directly.

Now, any business can safely & affordably sell their gear on their own, and anyone can easily find the gear they need at lower prices. Plus, with more used gear circulating, we’re keeping equipment in use rather than in a landfill. It’s a win-win-win for everyone: buyers, sellers, and the Earth.

Gearsupply™ is the industry-leading online marketplace for buying and selling used AV equipment. Our mission is to provide sellers with maximum exposure across the internet and provide buyers with the most comprehensive inventory of listings available. By focusing on customer service, a safe and quick payment process, and reliable shipping partners, we strive to provide the best online marketplace experienceall while keeping our fees the lowest in the industry.