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How to Buy Used Production Gear on Gearsupply

How to Buy Used Production Gear on Gearsupply

Buying used AV equipment on Gearsupply is easier than ever before. Read more to find out why our quote tool makes us the best platform for buying and selling used production gear.

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Welcome to Gearsupply! As we continue to develop our platform to make it better for both buyers and sellers alike, we wanted to let you know of some great new features that make Gearsupply a one-of-a-kind marketplace for the production industry.

Buying used AV equipment on Gearsupply is easier than ever before. Instead of a cart-and-checkout method like most webstores, we wanted to create an environment that’s more like buying and selling AV gear “in the real world.”

Click the “Add to Quote” button to add an item to your Quote Request List!

For that reason, we let buyers add products to a “Quote Request List,” which they can later send to a vendor. After receiving this Quote Request List, the vendor can then quote shipping costs, add any discounts, and add any related fees to the order, and send the quote back to the customer. From there, the customer can purchase the items that they were interested in (or continue to negotiate the price with the vendor).

Using this method, we can ensure that customers are getting the best and most accurate prices. By negotiating independently with vendors, customers can make sure they are receiving quotes that they are satisfied with. If requested, they may even be able to receive package or wholesale discounts from particular vendors!

This is what your Quote Request List looks like.

Vendors, too, can enjoy the benefits of our quoting tool: with a great customer experience, Gearsupply will be able to attract more customers than ever before. Additionally, vendors can rest easily knowing that, since they can input custom shipping costs, they’ll collect the exact shipping fee they’ll need for their orders.

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