Trade-in Program

Looking to upgrade your inventory but don’t want to hassle with selling your old stuff? Soundsupply works directly with manufacturers to offer you trade-in credits towards your next purchase with them, saving you time, money, andcompared to selling gear on your ownsubstantial tax costs. Give us your old gear from one manufacturer, and we’ll give you credit towards your next purchase with the same or a different manufacturer!

Our expert customer service team will handle every step of the process, including negotiating with the manufacturer, the packaging, and shipping. We’ll also make sure to coordinate the pickup of the old gear and the delivery of the new so the show never stops.

trade-in program

How it works

  1. Using the form below, you tell us what gear you want to trade in.
  2. We negotiate your gear’s trade-in value with its manufacturer(s).
  3. We give you a quote for the trade-in value based on those negotiations.
  4. Once you accept the quote, the manufacturer gives you a discount on your next purchase.
  5. We ensure your gear is working, prepare the shipment, and schedule a time to pick it up that works for you.

Enter your gear’s information and we’ll work with the manufacturer to get you a discount on your new purchase!

Don’t worry about making your submission too detailedwe only need each item’s name and quantity (feel free to add a note about its condition, etc. too). You can either upload your gear’s information as a .csv file or enter it manually below.

  • Instead of manually adding your equipment's information below, you can upload a .csv file with it instead. Please include columns for at least 'item' and 'quantity.'
    Accepted file types: csv.
  • List your equipment's information here.
    ItemQuantityAdditional Notes (condition, age, etc.) 
  • If you are already working with a representative from the manufacturer with which you're trying to use trade-in credit, please input their contact information below.

Questions? Chat with one of our experts: 1(888) USED-AV-0

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About Soundsupply

Soundsupply, the sister company of Gearsupply, is a retailer of used AV equipment. With years of experience in the industry, Soundsupply offers services for everyone from the prosumer to the A-level production company including liquidation, gear purchasing, trade-in programs, and gear appraisals.